Monday, February 9, 2009

Do You Get It?

Asked Senator McCaskill, and millions of Americans, about Wall Street Executives. Could this same question be asked of you?

How could Wall Street give out billions of dollars in bonuses when they needed us poor folk to bail them out?

How could Wall Street give out billions of dollars in bonuses when the businesses lost most of their value in the past year?

How could auto executives take separate corporate jets to Washington to ask for a bailout?

Clearly, they do not get it. And why do they not get it? A major reason is that they rarely get objective feedback. Who among the knights is willing to tell the emperor he has no clothes on? It took a serf to do so.

Most of us have a diversity of contacts that we stay in touch with the real world. The higher one ranks in the corporate hierarchy, the less one is likely to get honest, objective feedback from others in the corporation.

This is not just a problem for Wall Street and for Detroit. All of us can fall victim.

A major role for a business or personal coach is to give honest feedback, with a heart. Honest feedback cannot be heard if it feels like a slap in the face. The person receiving the feedback has to believe that the feedback is being given to help the person, not to hurt the person. Part of the message is in how it is given.
How do you ensure that you “get it” from the feedback of others?


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