Monday, October 6, 2008

Leadership Styles

The recent activity surrounding adoption of the bailout program demonstrated different leadership styles between the two presidential candidates.

On the one hand, we had a directive leadership style. John McCain demonstrated what we would believe the military model to be. He was very direct and expected others to follow. Such a leadership style can produce quicker response than many other styles.

Barack Obama demonstrated a collegial style of leadership. It seems as if he tried to bring other along through listening and persuading, rather than directing.

There are many more styles of leadership. I would posit that one factor in adopting a leadership style is who is being led. High achievers and independent personalities, such as among Members of Congress, are probably better led through a collegial style. I do not believe they respond as well to a directive style of leadership.

I believe the directive leadership style better fits a situation in which there is a set routine, that the job is not shaped by the individual.

The McCain style served to lead the public on the issue of the bailout. He was. attempting to lead the public, as well as Congress. The Obama style was not as obvious to the public.

What is your leadership style?